Cheap London Escorts Divorce Issues

When I first met Graham at London escorts, I never thought that I would end up leaving London escorts to become his trophy wife. It actually took me some time to figure out what being a trophy wife is all about, It is not easy and I am not sure that all girls, even those girls who have been cheap London escorts in the past, understand how much being a trophy wife can affect your life. Like so many other London escorts who have become trophy wives, I thought that life was going to be a doodle.

What I did not realise at the time I left London escorts, is that 9 out of 10 trophy wife marriages fail. Many men get bored with their trophy wife and want a new a version every couple of years or so. To them, it is a bit like upgrading their car. The problem for the woman is that there is not such a thing as a prenup in the UK. This means that you can’t agree terms and conditions before you get married. Many London escorts have fallen foul of that when they left to become trophy wife.

I knew that there were risks involved when I signed on to be Joe’s trophy wife. When we were dating at London escorts, I realised that he had many skeletons in his cupboard and had not told me everything about himself. I have to admit that I was a bit naughty myself. Yes, I was prepared to leave London escorts but there were many things I tucked away as my own security before I resigned from London escorts. One thing that I did not tell Joe about was my flat. Instead I put it into trust so that he could not get his hands on it. While I was married to Joe, it generated me a nice little income.

If you do end up as a trophy wife, don’t lose touch with your London escorts friends. Number one, it is nice to have girlfriends and number two, you never know when you are going to need a job again. There was no way that I was going to end up on the streets like so many other girls. Instead I decided to play it smart. I hung onto my designer clothes, squirrelled away all of the handbags and jewellery he gave me in case of a rainy day. Sure enough, one November day that rainy day came. Joe was bored and wanted a new model. Yes, I was a bit surprised but I was not shocked and I did not find myself without anywhere to go.

During my marriage to Joe, I had also kept a note of some of his shadier business dealings. When he said that he wanted to split up. I told that I knew what was going on at one of his companies. He did not like it, but eventually Joe paid my a generous settlement. Did I go back to London escorts? At first I thought that was exactly what I wanted to do, but I decided to change my mind. Instead I did something that I had always wanted to do. I started a further education course and went back to college. Today, I am very much my own woman with a career and I love my life. What about men? Well, I am taking a break from them right now.


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