Lactating Escorts

To ordinary folk, it might sound unfortunate for an escort to get pregnant. It amounts to professional negligence, or so some would say. What you may not know, however, is that pretty much any escort can make money – from an 80-year-old escort, pregnant escorts, lactating escort, or any other type of escort that has some quality that can be fetishized. How do lactating Charlotte Escorts make money? Here are some of the hustles you never knew lactating escorts could take to make extra bucks.

Lactating fetish

A lot of clients would be more than glad to spend some quality time with a lactating escort and suckle all those tits dry. Pregnancy and even lactation can be fetishized by some clients and it is perfectly OK just like a foot, lingerie, role play, and any other kind of fetish. Some men and women are actually turned on by the site of human milk or by directly feeding on them. Adult suckling isn’t new either. As such, there is a lot a lactating escort can offer you if you are lactophiliac (breast milk-loving) including letting you fondle her breasts in your hands as long as you please. There aren’t a lot of boundaries on what you can do with a lactating escort’s breasts and milk: Do you want to suckle them for hours? Would you like to carry the milk home? Would you like her to empty her areolas on you? Almost anything is permissible provided you part with quoted money.

Baby fat and pregnancy fetish

Lactating escorts can two other fetishes depending on whether they are just about to give birth or they recently gave birth. If they are just about to give birth, some clients may pay a lot of money just to spend some time fondling the baby bump and suckling colostrum from the breasts. If she has already given birth, some clients could marvel at having sex with her at that state. Some clients tend to have a heightened lactophilia at this stage when milk is still fresh and when the baby has just had the first suckle. Nothing turns a latophiliac on like the smell of postpartum milk and the baby fat that lines the thighs of a recent mother. Escorts mint insane amount of money from latophiliac clients who are willing to pay higher prices to satisfy their fetish. Just like foot and lingerie fetishes, lactophilia is a relatively common fetish.

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